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Our Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent School Est 1954

Grade R

Our Grade R class is situated on the adjoining Headway Pre-Primary campus next door. Established in 1988, Headway offers 3 grade 000 and 3 grade 00 classes in addition to 2 Fatima Grade R classes. Headway is a family-orientated pre-primary school where the aim is to foster the optimum growth and development of the whole child, in a safe, stimulating and happy environment. In Grade R, particular care and attention is given to ensure that our pupils are well prepared and ready for their next step into Grade 1 at “big” school next door! Mrs Celeste Krummeck is the Principal of Headway Pre-Primary and can be contacted on 031 5632288. All enquiries or applications for enrolment can also be made at this number or via email at headwayadmin@telkomsa.net

Foundation Phase (Grade 1,2 & 3)

The Foundation Phase
The Foundation Phase (Grades 1, 2 and 3) provides a happy, nurturing environment where learning is facilitated in an atmosphere of love, understanding and guidance. Emphasis is placed on the holistic development of the child – learning to live comfortably with others, learning to master one’s feelings and express them safely, gaining self-esteem, welcoming new experiences and growing into a relationship with God. The children are encouraged to become independent and self confident members of our school community.

The students also participate in Physical Education, Information Technology, Drama, Music and Art, Library lessons with specialist teachers. Extramural activities offered are recorder, computer club, rhythmic gym, netball, hockey, swimming, mini-tenni. Pupils are encouraged to participate in as many extramural activities as possible. Pupils also attend Mass on a regular basis.

Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 - 7)

Our vision is to offer our girls the opportunity to participate in a holistic and dynamic learning experience that allows each girl to develop her own unique potential and to develop an understanding and love of herself, as well as a healthy respect and appreciation of others and the environment.

We are committed to developing a love of learning. The traditional school subjects are offered with an emphasis on the IEB encouraged skills of interpretation and analytical study.

The integration of technology, through the use of Ipads, as an integral 21st century tool of learning is a regular feature of all grades. Devices are used in a positive, age appropriate and responsible manner. Coding is also taught in Grade 7. 

Inquiry Based Learning (IBL), which introduces our learners to authentic problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration skills forms part of the curriculum from Grade 4 – 7.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) lessons highlight the importance of metacognition and the skill of forming and justifying opinions.

Extra-murals include: Netball (Outdoor and Indoor), Hockey (Outdoor and Indoor for Grades 6 & 7), Swimming, Tennis, Cross Country, Horse Riding, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Public Speaking, Environmental Club, Needlework, Chess, Choir, Marimbas, and Recorder. Outside service providers offer Tennis Coaching, Voice Training and tuition for various musical instruments.

Fatima Families have been established to foster caring Christian relationships between children from Grade 1 to the “big sister” in Grade 7. Our Matric Mentoring Leadership system allows our Grade 12 girls to interact with and to nurture our junior school girls.

Charity Drives and Community Outreach:
Markets days are held each term and there are weekly charity collections. Early Act co-ordinates a number of very worthwhile charity projects and learners are encouraged to give of their time to visit the recipients.

Arts & Humanities:
Talent exhibited in the fields of Art, Music and Drama is showcased in our Cultural Evenings, productions and exhibitions where every learner is encouraged to participate. Our Choirs perform at regular festivals and concerts.

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