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Our Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent School Est 1954

Grade 7 Leadership

In order for children to develop skills such as responsibility, commitment and communication with peers and adults, they need to be given the opportunity to practice. We believe that every child has the potential to lead, so each girl in Grade 7 assumes a leadership role in the area of sport or humanities. They are helped and guided by their teachers and Matric leaders to grow and develop in the area of leadership, through service to their school and are called “Leaders In Learning”.


The Matrics are seen to be the leadership of the whole school. Each and every Matric pupil has the opportunity to apply for a leadership position whether it be in the high school or junior school. Those who apply for leadership in the junior school are called Mentors and must motivate why they have chosen this option. Between one and three Mentors are assigned to the grade which they have chosen to lead and serve the school from October of their gr.11 year to September of their Matric year in this capacity. The high school girls find this a rewarding and enjoyable experience and many base their career decisions on this experience.
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