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Our Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent School Est 1954

Uniform Shop

The shop is situated on the school premises – just off the hall foyer. Enter the double door next to the hall, which is adjacent to the Staff car park and turn to the right. The entrance to the Shop is just beyond the stairs (on the left hand side).

Business hours:

Mondays & Wednesdays: 12h00 – 14h45
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 07h00 until 08h00
Saturdays, Sundays & School Holidays: by appointment only
Jacqui Robert – 079 216 6367 or Email: jaxfatimauniformshop@gmail.com

Uniform Requirements

The Shop stocks uniforms from age 5 right up to size 24. In the very small and larger sizes, stock is limited, so please contact us as soon as possible, should you have special requirements.

If your daughter is in the Junior School and you wish to send her to the Shop, please write a note listing the required items, and enclose the money in a sealed envelope, marked clearly for Mrs Robert’s attention.

Care Of Uniforms

Dry clean or hand wash in a mild soap. Hang on a coat hanger in the shade to dry. Press with a cool iron if necessary.

School Dresses:
Machine wash using a cold cycle. Hang inside out on a coat hanger in the shade.

Hand wash only.

Swimming costumes & rash vests:
Rinse after use. The pool chemicals cause the fabric to perish. Only use mild detergents.

P.E. Shirts:
Machine washable but do not use hot water. Soaking in “enzyme active” detergents will also cause the colour to run

General Information

Everyday Uniform

School Dresses.
Blazer with school badge (compulsory for 2nd and 3rd terms).
Royal Blue Pullover Jersey.
White Ankle Socks and Panties.
Black buckle/velcro regulation shoes. (no thick soles or “tear drops”)

P.E. & Sports Uniform

Grades 1-3: Fatima PE shirt, blue boxer shorts, cap & takkies.
Grades 4-12: Fatima PE shirt; blue boxer shorts, blue wrap-around skirt, cap & takkies.
Grades 4-12: Fatima PE House shirt.
Black regulation swimming costume.
Team Swimmers’ regulation blue swimming costume.
Royal blue towel.
Grades 1-3: Blue lycra /silicone swimming caps.
Grades 4-12: House colour swimming caps.

P.E. & Sports Uniform

Grades 1-12: Back pack school bag or Fatima blue bag on wheels.
Sports tog bag.
Blue cooler bag (Grades 1 – 3) or Blue cooler box (Grades 4 – 7)
Hair accessories (black) (nothing fancy)
Name tags to identify clothing and other possessions.
White ankle socks & white panties.
Fatima tracksuits.
Aftercare: Yellow t-shirts.
Headway Campus: Blue t-shirts;


Juvenile, Adult


6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 18-24


24-28, 30-34, 36-40, 40-44


Kids sizes, Adult sizes, Tee sizes


28, 30-34, 36-38, 40-42


6/7-7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 32-42


6/7-13/14, 32-42


Blue (all sizes)


Trucker caps


Assorted hair accessories, Bata Buckle shoes 9-1, Bata Buckle shoes 2-7, Blue scarves, Knee rugs, Hockey socks, White socks, Rain Poncho


Junior back pack, Senior back pack, Wheelie bag, Sports bag, Hockey Bag, Cooler bag, File bag/shopper, Book bag, Long pencil case


Lycra cap, Silicone cap, Fatima cap, Fatima towel (incl. embroidery), White slops, Costume bag, Rash Vest


24-32 unlined, 32-44 lined


6/7 & 7/8, 9/10 up to 13/14, S/M/L, XL

Price List available from the Uniform Shop

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